Why sunflower?

Sunflower - helianthus. Helios - the sun and anthos - a flower. Could there be a more beautiful combination!?


Yellow sunflower petals and its crown bring sun and sand to mind. We associate it with warmth, summer and holidays. This colour conjures many positive emotions such as joy, laughter, fun, optimism and leisure. Yellow is also the colour of gold. In Hinduism - it symbolizes wisdom, knowledge and science, while in China the colour yellow is assigned to the Earth - it is the imperial colour that symbolizes divinity and was reserved for the Emperor.


Nowadays, we like when objects are intelligent. However, we underestimate the intelligence of plants. Sunflower is one of the plants always turning their flower heads towards the sun. When sunflower grows in the shade, it will turn himself around towards the sunrays within an hour.

One sunflower can contain up to 2000 seeds. The sunflower oil obtained from them has a mild taste and an aroma. Precious omega-6 fatty acids predominate as well as large amounts of lecithin and omega-3 linoleic acid. It contains the largest amount of vitamin E among all the oils (more than olive oil!). You also find phytosterols in it, which have a positive effect on lowering blood cholesterol. In addition, sunflower ensures that the products obtained from it are GMO-free and do not cause allergies.


That’s where we obtain our lecithin from, which is found in the Lecithin+ dietary supplement.


Did you know that yellow is the colour of confident people? It improves mood and self-esteem. In addition, it stimulates the brain and improves the ability to remember (is it a coincidence? ...). Perhaps you too will get inspired by the yellow colour, because it is not as common as it seems!


Sunflower lecithin supports memory and concentration, enables easier learning and remembering.


Sunflower lecithin is a fat killer - it stimulates digestion and fat metabolism


Sunflower lecithin regulates cholesterol, boosts liver detoxification


Sunflower lecithin increases muscle endurance and accelerates the regeneration after exercising Lecithin+ is coming soon to our online store

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