Lecithine sunflower

Sunflower lecithin has comprehensive effects in our body:

  • is a building component of brain tissue and the myelin sheath, therefore it improves memory and concentration
  • boosts metabolism and fat metabolism, which is why it supports slimming and maintaining its effects
  • regulates cholesterol levels
  • protects the liver and heart
  • creates a protective barrier for the stomach lining (important during prolonged stress)
  • supports the absorption of key vitamins that are soluble only in fats (vitamins: A, D, E, K)
  • accelerates the regeneration after exercising
  • is a building booster for all body cells
  • delays the aging process
  • it’s natural, safe and GMO-free

Sunflower lecithin supports memory and concentration, enables easier learning and remembering.


Sunflower lecithin is a fat killer - it stimulates digestion and fat metabolism


Sunflower lecithin regulates cholesterol, boosts liver detoxification


Sunflower lecithin increases muscle endurance and accelerates the regeneration after exercising Lecithin+ is coming soon to our online store

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